Mystical Flora, Fauna and Occurences

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Northern Alea

Creatures of the Great Old Forests

The Grendel
An ancient race of large humanoids.

Great Lizards generally of low to average intelligence (compared to most species on Sayari) though wingless cousins of the great Dragons that are their kin they can still fly by mystical means.


Creatures of the Great and Glorious Cities

carnivorous insect beasties of the city. though bitter to the palate, these creatures provide a reasonable source of nutrition to many homeless children through the colder months.
Gutterflies get their name from their habit of laying their Phosphorescent egg clutches under the roof gutterings of the city. they hatch during the autumn months over a two to three day period. Fresh from their eggs they spend the first few nights glowing, many cities celebrate their harvest festivals in conjunction with this seasonal spawning.
Gutterflies seem to live for 3-4 years and after their initial bio-luminescent few evenings, are actually coloured in hues of purples and browns mottled with dark browns, greens and grey’s. Several Species are known with various patterning.

Pipe Snakes
well adapted to city living these snakes generally live along the roofs and guttering systems of most cities in Nox, travelling across the multistorey’d skyline by means of the roof and sewerage drainage pipes.
Rumours of them eating young children left unattended and of larger than usual specimens living in the deep sewers of the cities often make rounds during idling conversations.


Mourning Trees, Death Apples
The trees grow only in graveyards or over places were there are multiple dead buried. The apples are poisonous if consumed in great quantity. They are eaten to better speak with and see the dead. Though quite common across Nox, there are also rare sighting of this tree blossoming in Northern Alea.

Skull Blossoms

Ghost Bridges
When heavy fogs clear quickly, or sometimes after sudden fast heavy showers, these rainbow like ephemeral black grey and indigo arches appear in the skies. It is part of old fairy tales that if you are caught at the points where they touch the ground the spirits will drag you away until another ghost bridge occurs nearby.

Central Alea

Bat Trees
Growing in the Great Desert of Branskaad, Bat Trees can be found in clusters or solitary. Known for using up reservoirs of water that collect when the underground rivers overflow into nearby caverns. Once the water is used up the bat trees uproot themselves, their tendril like roots retracting into a cavity at the base of their trunk. Then pumping sap into their uppermost ‘wing’ branches they inflate a leafy membrane between those branches and take flight pulling the branches up and down with fibrous ligaments.
Some small animals and other creatures, have been known to crate space in the bat trees hollow lower trunk, moving with the tree from water supply to water supply.
Wand and dowsing rods made from bat trees are excellent at locating water or working with water spirits.
They don’t take too kindly too larger creatures getting too close to them, and if a 3ft or more tall creature attempts to climb them, they will lash out with their branches and/or tendril-like roots.

Dinosaurs of Alea

Northern Alea

Southern Alea

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Mystical Flora, Fauna and Occurences

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