Tales of Sayari

Pilgrimage to Finis

Reaver arrives for the crystal skull quest

Reaver, a warrior priest of ‘The Librarian’ has been on a pilgrimage from Moenia and in a small village in the mountains hears tale of a wizard named Garagan who is seeking to employ a group of strong and skilled individuals to acquire a crystal skull for him in a likely dangerous quest into the old sunken temple of Kuwhaza recently rediscovered by miners working near Finis.

On route Reaver encounters many small bands of bandits. He defends himself from these threats well and keeps whatever gains he finds on their unconcious or dead forms to later donate to the churh of The Librarian in Finis.

During his final encounter outside Finis city limits, a group of four attack the holy warrior. He dodges a club blow by pure luck, throws a handfull of his throwing crosses at the three approaching from the opposite side of the road taking the one in the middle out and knocks out the club wielding attacker with the pommel of his sword, plunging the blade into the guts of one of his would be attackers, the surviving bandit turns tail, only to be shot down by Reavers crossbow.

Reaver sets the bodies to the side of the road, taking of their possessions that which he can pass on to his church as tribute.

On entering the crowded streets of Finis, full of merchants selling their wares, children pkaying strange games in the streets and the general hustle and bustle of the populace he decides to locate this cities church for his patron.

Finding the building with its many towers and minarets, Reaver enters, greeting with some enthusiasm and respect the Head of this churches order, mentioning the donation he has collected. The gaunt, robed individual looks at Reaver with a level of contempt, he turns to a group of similarly robed individuals in a distant corner, speaking to them, “we’ve another of ‘those’ types” then calling on a young adept of the order, he assigns one called Escartame to look after the guest they have, before he himself heads off elsewhere within the church.
shaven headed and looking through large circular framed, thick lensed glasses, the enthusiastic boy answers the requests of Reaver as to where Garagan can be found, pointing towards the location of the large tower at the centre of the city.

After this moment of questioning, Reaver further enquires about a place to stay for the night and is lead towards the chambers on the 2nd floor.

Within the stone chamber is contained a basic pallet bed, a desk and stool, with a sink and commode. The Priest looks at the simple and practical furnishings with some homely content. This is all he needs.



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