Gods and Monsters

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The Dead and Never Living

Prominence Of Necromancy Across Nox
The path of Zaul is pretty much embedded into the Daeunen society.

Zaul was/is the highest most respected priest of Oshkul the god of rot, decay, and death. Zaul and his disciples through their divine connection and studies of decay and death along with Zauls mystical prowess worked and experimented in arts of life, death, and all stages between and beyond, learning ways to communicate with the spirits of the dead and never living, and animiate/re-animate bodies.

Around the cities of Nox, re-animated bodies walking the streets, following the instruction of simple tasks, is common place.
This is not due to lack of respect for the dead, (the Daeunen have great respect for the dead, having ancestral spirits as part of their courts) but commonly criminal sentences of death, usually only mean a departing of the spirit… the body as punishment being used long after its hosts passing.

Minions Of The Fell Powers

canines with human skulls wreathed in flame for heads, messengers between certain creatures of power. perhaps minions of one in particular?

Winged Monkeys
Used as scouts, spies and to ‘fetch’ things for their domitors. Generally bad tempered.

The Animal Kingdoms of Southern Alea

Gods and Monsters

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