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The Kulay are humanoids, white to tanned in colour with a pink/reddish tint. Hair tending to be black, browns, and blonds, eyes are typically, browns, blues and greens.
Typically adults grow to 4-5ft in height and vary in build, being stocky, athletic or slender.

Native to Northern Alea also common across Central Alea and on the seas. There are rumours of a lost civilisation in the deepest jungles of Southern Alea.

typically medieval type society, feudal.
some are gypsy tribes.

the kulay of northern alea live in a medieval style of dwelling, like the daeunen of nox they have good sewage systems in their larger cities but not in smaller towns.
most cities are walled castle towns, smaller towns have thick wooden and stone walls, small towns and villages have strong stockades.

the kulay of the deserts of central alea live in abodes much like the skaad. carved or made from the environment or in nomadic caravans, though the kulay have a mix of gypsy to the more pure bedouin style of the skaad caravans.


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