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As Braanskaad (Central Alea) is predominantly home to the Skaad, Nox is home for the Daeunen.

a great number of shadow people wander amongst the living here… the locals see no problem with it as this is how things have been for such a long time…

Many rich victorian like mansions and wealthy families reside here.
Rumours of family gods demanding sacrifice for the successes of their flock persist, regardless of the families of Omens attempts to denounce it as childish jealousy from the lower classes.

A port Town facing the great vastness of the immeasurable Vass (the great sea of monsters to the east, The Daeunen refer to the great sea of monsters to the west, beyond the Minn as the Viss, after the first Skaad port town they encountered when travelling the lands in bygone times)

The capitol city of Nox and the Daeunen empire. It is a great walled city, surrounded by a constant gloomy fog.

Almost 5 days journey south-east of Caligo, the walled ruins of the dead circus state of Caligoland exists… Once the residence of the council of the cult of the clown, it’s rumoured treasures and wonders have lured many adventurers to their end, whether on the whim of others or due to their own greed.
Once a realm of fantasy and wonder, til some fell curse afflicted the land. Perhaps one day it will be returned to its former glory?

A port town facing the Minn (the smaller sea/inner sea)

A fortress city carved into a mountain. It is situated about two days away from the sea up in the mountains.

A port town facing the Minn (the smaller sea/inner sea)

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